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 Rules - Read Them!

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Kurosaki Ichigo
Kurosaki Ichigo

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Rules - Read Them! Empty
PostSubject: Rules - Read Them!   Rules - Read Them! Icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 10:59 pm

1. Spam is NOT tolerated.
(1B UBERSPAM: Alot of spam)
Exhibit A: see rule 2
Exhibit B: aaaaaaaaaaaaa/Badgerbadgerbadger (and so forth)

2. Advertising and Linking
Exhibit A: "PLEASE OH PLEASE COME TO MY SITE AT www.spamexample.com" is not tolerated!

Note: Telling people to go to your site in your signature is fine!

3. Annoying Messages. Some Users are sending messages stupid
Example: "Hey come here and register in my forum this is the ugliest forum I ever seen," or: "This forum was stolen from my forum!"

Note: Just because you think it's not annoying, or it isn't annoying to you, doesn't mean it isn't to other people. and same goes to other people, what you think is annoying isn't always so.

Exhibit A: "I have more post that you, that's why you suck"
Exhibit B: "Ohhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhh whydid you bann me??" (This won't happen if I ban someone.. 'Cause I only perma ban people...)

4. Don't be a mini-mod. if somebody breaks the rules, PM me Kurosaki Ichigo

Exhibit A: "Ohhh, you spammed, you can't spam"

5. Don't be an idiot!

Exhibit A: This topic has been removed

6. Don't try to bypass bans by making a new account.

Exhibit A:
Mod bans member
Member makes new account

Also, note that your IP will be banned, so you'll still be banned >:]

Email:Kurosaki Ichigo - Nokialuzer@yahoo.com
Special note about mods/admins email: One message of spam, and that user will be permanently banned.

7. Don't ask to be a moderator/administrator. This will only (and be issued a 1 day ban if you ask alot) lessen your chances. (If we see you're being really good and you've already asked b4 then we know your just a pretender)

Exhibit A:
Person: 'Can I be a mod?'
Mod/admin: 'no'
Then the user pretends to be real good
Person: 'and now?'
Mod/admin: 'no'

8. Respect other members. (if you treat people unfairly, WE will treat you unfairly... Hehehe, Can't wait to issue my first ban.).

Exhibit A:
Person to mod after being rejected: 'You suck you're the worst human on earth I hate you'
Mod issues ban
Mod: "My decision is final".

9. Don't write ugly words in chat and in forum, who will write ugly words will be banned! **DING DING Announcement, we officially allow ugleh words in the chat DING DING**

By the by, we do want you to have fun, but please, keep the site PG (Pretty Gruesome... LOL Just Kiddin')

So have fun!

Chat Rules:

- No Spamming
- No Flooding
- No asking to be a Moderator
- Swearing is aloud but do not go over board (Swearing is permitted? Wow...~nod3)
- No Bullying
- No Advertising
- No Racism

Rules - Read Them! Ichigo_by_iDioxy
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Rules - Read Them!
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